Sumahan on the Water

"Restored 19th-century Ottoman distillery; now a sleek, small hotel bang on the Bosphorus"

"Suma" is the word for unadulterated spirit and, in the 19th century, the Sumahan was the industrial complex that distilled the high-proof basis for Raki, the Ottoman's favourite tipple. Where today a motorised launch ferries guests to and from downtown, barges laden with figs would arrive to keep the stills of Sumahan busy.

The properties of light and water, different at every time of day and in every season, provide the instant attraction of staying here. There is a choice of suites and bedrooms, each with its own personality, most with its own fireplaces, all with magnificent views. The twin-level suites have their own Bosphorus-side garden. In the purity of its conception - the choice of wood and marble, steel and brick, fabrics and linens - Sumahan sets a standard in restoration architecture and design.

The furnishings are contemporary; the large bathrooms are well-appointed with thick Turkish towels and a choice of traditional Turkish colognes and special toiletries, inclusing rich natural soaps. Many of the rooms have their own Turkish-style bath or hamam.

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Kuleli Caddesi 51, Cengelkoy, 34684 Istanbul

Hotel facilities:

  • 18 rooms, including 12 suites rooms available


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