Monaco & Grand Canal Hotel, Venice, Canal Grande

"Contemporary art and design meets classical elegance at this well-located gem"

The Hotel which overlooks the Grand Canal, is in one of Venice's most charming and atmospheric areas, with majestic views of the Church of Santa Maria della Salute and the island of San Giorgio.

From 1638 the building, originally belonging to the Dandolo family, hosted the first "Ridotto Pubblico", a place to which nobility and people from all walks of life, (adventurers, courtesans, swindlers, and travelers) would retire for pleasure and intrigue. Giacomo Casanova considered this place the ideal backdrop for his conquests.

In the Grand Canal Restaurant diners can sample traditional Venetian cuisine in impeccable decor with a delightful atmosphere. The Grand Canal Restaurant is frequented by an international clientele, but also by Venetians who choose this elegant restaurant because of the its excellent food. The recent restoration has managed to revive, with a contemporary feel, the atmosphere of this historic building.

The Hotel Monaco has 99 rooms furnished in a grande style that makes it ideal for those who want to stay in Venice and become part of it's history.

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San Marco 1325, 30124 Venice, Italy

Hotel facilities:

  • 99 rooms including 6 suites. rooms available


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