Florence, Italy

The beautiful and graceful city of Florence is a must for romantics and art lovers.

The picturesque Ponte Vecchio, at the centre of the city, is lined with a multitude of perilously attached shops, and embraces the quiet River Arno. Wander through Florence’s ancient and atmospheric streets, opening out into magnificent squares adorned with grandiose statues, and discover breathtaking churches and magnificent galleries, all easily accessible by walking.

Explore the famous Uffizi art gallery with its Botticelli paintings, and gaze at Michelangelo’s wondrous statue of David in the Accademia del Arte. The Boboli Gardens provide peace and greenery in the city, and from Fiesole, is the most famous and resplendent view over the city.

Florence is also easily accessible to Pisa with its famous leaning tower, and into the absolutely beautiful interior of Tuscany with Siena and many other fascinating towns.

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