JK Place, Florence

"Boutique hotel just north of the Arno, mixing museum-like features with contemporary design"

In the heart of downtown Florence, in Piazza Santa Maria Novella, just a few steps from the Renaissance church bearing the same name, a rare, extraordinary island in the sea of life can be found. JK Place, an absolutely special hotel experience, is hidden away behind a charming door. An elegant habitat that joins atmosphere with scents from the past while at the same time offering precise and decidedly contemporary comfort, JK Place follows a philosophy of hospitality that is truly different, tracing a peculiar microcosm, far from overused clichés and evening routes.

A real house, with fireplaces aglow, meaningful contemporary flavours and objects deposited over time, with its overlay of happy memories and a soft approach, refined, attentive but never invasive. A long corridor with black wooden flooring gives a sense of unity to the different common areas of the ground floor.

Exquisitely masculine, British hints, rarefied décor, an understated display, calm and luxurious. There are only 20 rooms. It is immediately clear that this place could never be ordinary, as the sounds of the city fade away and a slower, more thoughtful rhythm prevails.

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7 Piazza Santa Maria Novella, 50123 Florence, Italy

Hotel facilities:

  • 20 rooms available


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